Pedal Boats

FRP Pedal Boat PE, Pedal Boat and Pontoon Pedal Boat



We have a wide range of Water Sports Products from which one of the most important items is a Pedal Boat.

Loved by people of any age group, Pedal Boat is very famous and a must when we think of Water Sports.

We deal in all the following types of Pedal Boats:

Poly Ethylene Pedal Boats * Aluminium Pedal Pontoon Boats * FRP Pedal Boats We offer different shapes of Pedal Boats like Car Shaped, Duck Shaped to attract tourists. But one thing which we have taken utmost care is of Safety, Durability and Comfort.

Advantages of our PEDAL BOATS in a Nutshell:

  • Tough and Durable
  • Light Weight
  • Shape Memory: PE Pedal Boats return to their original shape after being hit to any object
  • Cost Effective and Zero Maintenance
  • Loved by people of any Age Group

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