Other Water Sports items

Leisure Donut Boat, Mini Excursion Boats & Water cycle


Other Water Sports items

Apart from all the water sports items we deal in, we have a never ending list of new water sports items that we keep on adding to our catalogue. All these items should keep on upgrading to meet the client’s expectation.

Our Research and Development team is always engaged in finding out if any New Water Sports Trend starts in any Country and we as a Company try and get that equipment here in India for our Clients. This makes us Special and differentiates us from other Marine Companies that follow our Trend.

The Advantages of all the Various Other Items are as follows:

  • Made up of Poly Ethylene (PE) material
  • Tough and Durable
  • Light Weight
  • Cost Effective and Zero Maintenance
  • Loved by people of any Age Group