Marine Engines OBM

Air Cooled OBMs, Tohatsu Propane (LPG) OBM, Tohatsu Petrol OBMs, Tohatsu Jet OBMs and Torqeedo Electric OBMs


Marine Engines OBM

We feel very proud to state that we are one of those Companies in the World that offers all the variants of Outboard Motors (OBMs).

Tohatsu Petrol, Jet & LPG OBMs (Japan)

Tohatsu Petrol, Jet & LPG OBMs are manufactured exclusively in Japan and distributed worldwide through their dealers. They are the Second largest Producer of Outboards in the World. Tohatsu also manufactures some OBMs for Mercury, Evinrude and Nissan Outboards.

Torqeedo Electric OBMs (Germany)

Torqeedo Electric OBMs are manufactured in Germany and distributed worldwide through their dealers. Torqeedo OBMs are almost Noiseless, Highest Energy to Power Ratio, Integrated GPS receiver & Indicator, Lithium batteries and Zero Carbon footprint.

Air Cooled OBMs (Imported)

An Air-Cooled OBM is an Exclusive Product and the best part is that it has many advantages and comes with a Lower Cost. An Air-Cooled OBM has no need for a radiator, a water pump, coolant, hoses or any other associated parts a liquid-cooled OBM has. Typically, they're lighter than liquid-cooled OBMs, too, because they have fewer parts.

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