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We are the distributors of Pelican International, Canada from more than a Decade now. 

They are world leaders in the design and manufacture of Kayaks, Canoes, Pedal Boats and Fishing boats.  

RAM-X™ is a multi-layer material used in manufacturing of their products. It is known for its high impact-resistance, its ability to regain its initial shape after violent impacts and its UV-protected exterior finish.

The process they use to join the Hull and Deck together is how they create an incredibly Strong and Stiff kayak. By applying extreme Heat and Pressure, they fuse the two individual pieces into one single piece making it the thickest and strongest part of our boat.

Advantages of our KAYAKS in a Nutshell:

  • Tough, Durable & Light Weight
  • Manufactured using Thermoforming Technology
  • Shape Memory: Kayaks return to their original shape after being hit to any object

Pelican International has taken over the other Famous brands. You may please visit the following websites for more details:

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Training and Learning: