HDPE Floating Jetty

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The first thing we introduced was Magic Float Floating Jetty as people and departments owned the Boats in India but there was nothing good for these boats to be parked on.

Our Idea of HDPE Modular Floating Jetties was a Hit immediately as it was a very Innovative Product as long as Boat Parking and Other Marine Applications were considered.

Our HDPE Jetties are the most preferred by Tourism, Navy, Army, Defense, Forest, Harbour and Various Other Departments.

Our Magic Float Floating Jetties are:

  • Eco Friendly with Life of More than 25+ Years
  • High Buoyancy, Easy to Assemble & Dismantle
  • Zero Maintenance, Virtually Unbreakable, Almost Unsinkable

For more details, you may please visit the following website: www.magicfloat.com.tw