Single-Twin Seater Canoe, Triple Seater and Conoe Accessories

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We are the distributors of Pelican International, Canada from more than a Decade now.

They are world leaders in the design and manufacture of Kayaks, Canoes, Pedal Boats and Fishing boats.

RAM-X™ is a multi-layer material used in manufacturing of their products. It is known for its high impact-resistance, its ability to regain its initial shape after violent impacts and its UV-protected exterior finish.

Pelican International has taken over the brand named “Mad River Canoe” which is very well known brand.

Advantages of our CANOES in Nutshell:

  • TTough, Durable & Light Weight
  • Manufactured using Thermoforming Technology
  • Shape Memory: Kayaks return to their original shape after being hit to any object

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